Jan 04

Business Process Outsourcing (bpo) What is Bpo? photoDo you know what is BPO?? What are the advantages for a company??

BPO is Business process outsourcing, when a company hires some another company in order to do its work process, it is called the process is being outsourced. For ex. an insurance company can hire some another company to do its janitorial or landscaping works with more efficiency and in a stipulated time because the hired company is specialized in doing that work. Outsourcing of work is done with the view that,

A) It saves cost of the company.
B) Work is performed efficiently and within a given time frame.
C) Work can be done from any geographical location.
D) Hiring more skilled and person of specific knowledge.

Call center is a part of BPO operation, where calls are received and made for CRM (Customer Relationship Management), either to resolve customer queries or to remind him for payment or to educate them about new schemes and offers of the company or for sales up gradation.

Business Process Outsourcing includes the following areas and a lot more

=>Back office operations outsourcing
=>Customer Relationship Management outsourcing
=>Call Centers and telemarketing
=>Tele-servicing and product support outsourcing
=>Payroll maintenance outsourcing
=>Finance / Accounting/billing outsourcing
=>Human Resources outsourcing
=>Logistics Management outsourcing
=>Supply Chain Management outsourcing
=>Medical transcription outsourcing
=>Back Office Operations outsourcing
=>Insurance Claims outsourcing
=>Processing Legal database maintenance outsourcing

A very huge part of human resources is being directed towards Call Center and BPO field. It is a fast growing field and a relatively very easy field to enter. At present day it handle customer service, process insurance claims, loans, bookings, credit card bills and a lot more services. Now a days home-based call center is coming, it’s a new up coming industry in this field of Outsourcing. Multi National Company only needs good customer service it’s not important whether you are doing form home or office. If you provide good service then you can do it form your home. Only important thing you have right outsourcing project in your hand. So start finding proper project which you can do form home. It’s a new up coming industry, so if you have good project in your hand then it helps your life.

Finance & Accounting Outsourcing: Finance & Accounting Outsourcing are fast growing sector. Accounts payable, followed by accounts receivable, were the F&A functions most companies chose to outsource. Transactional relationships include accounts payable and receivable, tax, payroll, internal audit, and fixed assets are the part of this type of Outsourcing. Procurement outsourcing is an emerging area as more and more firms are seriously investigating this option. Procurement outsourcing, like the other outsourced jobs provides reductions in operational costs and also impacts third-party expenditures.

The main thing of this type of Outsourcing job is you can get this type of project as a home based Outsourcing job.

Jan 03

Should I Buy a Franchise? photoMany formula to be a success man. With buy a franchise is one of that ways.

You might have been considering buying a franchise as a way to become self employed and have a more stable financial future. There are many questions that you may have, but before you really get into researching the different options out there for you in franchises, you may want to consider first, the questions that you should be asking yourself.

Having a great attitude about franchising is the very first thing to bear in mind. If you are a determined, intelligent and self motivated person, you will find that there is a more smooth transition from just thinking about franchising, to start up, and getting your business off the ground. Being able to think and plan ahead will help, as well and being able to accept that there is a lot of hard work involved will definitely be in your favor.

Understanding that running your own franchise is going to be a great deal of work, and that may impact your lifestyle is also another thing that many people do not consider. In the start up phases, it can sometimes be a bit stressful, so making sure that you have the full support of those close to you is also something to think about and be sure that everyone understands how this may change the way that you live your life.

Consider your funding options, also and bear in mind that your credit may be a factor. Whether you decide to repair your credit a little or if you decide to look for other means of obtaining start up funds, factoring in the cost is important before you decide on which franchise you’d like to look into.

You can save yourself a great deal of time and effort just considering what your start up budget may be insofar as what you can afford and find funding to manage.

Think about the long term- and what you could honestly feel good about doing for a long time. If you find that there are some things that are just incomprehensible to you, that you just absolutely could not do- then don’t seek out those franchises in that industry.

It seems obvious, though, that you should also consider the reasons behind that and if there isn’t some room to compromise- so, think about the ways you could see yourself doing something longer term and if you find that you have some ideas that just really appeal, seek out more options in those.

After you’ve really decided you are set on becoming a franchisee, then you begin to look into the different franchises, themselves. If you have some that have really caught your attention, then proceed to research them a bit further. Talk to those who are involved in the franchise itself, presently and figure out what they are doing to succeed and how their experiences have been. Talking to current franchisees is always a great way to gain insights as they have more experience with being successful with the franchise.