Oct 24

It is really just a single day I need – a day where I could take a rest and free myself from all troublesome at work. I have deeply got in confusing situation on my job lately while other things are out of my supervision. Factory people are on the strike! My boss himself looks pretty disappointed and keeps supporting me in whatever I do. It is a really hard month throughout the year though finally everything has slowly recovered. I must remain patient and strong till the end of the month. Why? This end of the month my boss promised to give me a chance to have several days for holiday. I have been looking forward to it!

Just a Single Day photoApparently, I must find something suitable for a single man like me. Holidays for singles are quite rarely. Most holiday packages offer service for family or couples. But for single person, it is quite difficult and sometimes the cost tends to high. Not many single people then would like to a single tourist and travel for that high cost.

My boss told me that once he took a single cruise over the Mississippi river in a little but qualified tourism river cruise ship. It is quite inexpensive and the voyage is not so bad at all. The river is just few miles to go through; however, it is setup to be a day trip of journey and there is even time to drop by some beautiful places around.

Nevertheless, whatever kind of singles holidays I will be participating in, I don’t think too much about the finance. My budget will seem to be more than enough for any travel to take. How come? In paying my hard effort to manage the strike, I will get some extra allowance from him.

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