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Konica Minolta Digital Camera photoKonica Minolta, name usually takes to think up their camera or their photographic material. Anyway, this also one of top player on mint manufacturing business and inking. The line under will take you via one history brief from firm and touch upon they all environmentally-friendly new polymerized toner.

Konica’s Humble Starts
Like all mention outgrow the other on Konica Minolta’s printing business also have back root makes the point at past and forayed into printing business in conection with potential from cast and ink on market.

Rokusaburo Sugiura begins sell photographic material on Tokyonya’s apothecary on 1873 and laid foundations for Konica. Minolta is instituted on 1928 for initially make camera then go-ahead pioneers technology as one image hiddening to transfer system, first magnified the world and cut back photocopier and first photocopier the world to result two colour images at single pass.

Konica Minolta gives its share from first to universalize on picture and print area. Among it is world double lenticular reflex camera first on 1937, then first camera the world with one layered lens on 1946. year1962 gets Matic’s camera Hi by Konica Minolta beyond the world from earth and into room by John’s Glenn astronaut on friendship 7.

Carry on to go to print and copier upper surface, Konica Minolta blasts off to universalize first copier to use cover-up image transfers on 1975, then on 1983 visit copiers with magnified zoom again other first! Saw 1987 and 1991 first single the world pass two colour copiers and three colour combine copiers and fax machine in a row. On 2001, Konica Minolta blasts off polymerized toner.

Konica’s environment Ramah Technology

Polymerized Toner
Men today is more environmentally aware than always. Captaining this trend is Polymerized Toner that Konica creates to reduce waste and print cost.

Manufacturing process:
The first process trouble is subject to be fuse Damar that approximately a hundred nanometers which is one billionths from one meters at diameter via polymerization emulsion. polymerized Damar particle this is then chemically congealed and fusing into correct ratio. Colouring pigment and additive is added to get default color.

Process also utilizes really little Energy and therefore candy Energy which now one days be one momentous and expensive commodities!

What to Expect From Polymerized Toner

Now that will one use polymerized toner, herein is why,

All Konica Minolta colour polymerized toner’s laser printer purpose, reproduction that high quality image to give its customer becomes it on professional photography or business document, complete satisfaction and point to money.

Little diameter and shaped uniform from toner it particle offer superior caching, one that matter spaces previous left within each toner’s particle have present has been removed. As a result, toner provides consistence, high quality draws with being increased text row reproduction and Fine.

Since polymerized toner not require oil to fuse, this results nature to see rubric color image contemns and document who can be set down as well as allows note for is attached to, and then worthy for purpose to carry on business.

toner’s particle smaller of one rate better Transfer goes to paper, one that thus reduces a number toner is used at image reproduction therefore pets toner and insufficiently recurs toner’s replacement cost.

Polymerized toner also friendlier for our environment. This requires insufficiently Energy in it make process than conventional toners that uses traditional knead and pulverize trick.

To amount to CO2, NOx and SOx Is global warming causative issue and acid rain cut by approximately 30%.

Therefore if you are plotting to buy one cast and are so conscious of environment around you and will want contribution go to it is remedial; and also is able to purpose technology therefore what you wait for to keep on and getting cast own in accordance with your requirements from different reaches to be provided by Konica Minolta.

In addition, be certain you getting point for money and you are innocent splurging on technological it will destroy environmentally we in the end since Konica places effort to make their product as maybe as is environmentally-friendly!

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